Managing PEOPLE

Chuangkai always adhere to the talent as the first enterprise resources, is committed to establishing a fair, competitive and incentive and efficient employment mechanism, the creation of an environment conducive to the development of individual employees working environment, open up more channels to attract talent, eclectic use of personnel, trying to nurture talent, motivate talented people to meet the needs, emotional commitment to retain talent, maximize the potential of human resources.
1. open up more channels to attract talent.
The spirit of "fair competition, strict assessment, merit-based hiring, two-way choice" principle, Beexlent to break geographical boundaries, establish a reasonable flow of personnel system, employees have more than 70% of the country. Actively involved in the company's annual job fairs across the country, and annual recruitment through the network. Company employees 13,000 people, including graduate students and more than 15 people, 400 undergraduates, graduates 1,500 people; senior staff of 120 people, intermediate grade 450, junior staff of 600 people. At this stage, according to the business needs of enterprise development strategy, positioning the company directed efforts to train foreign trade personnel urgently needed for the next step and expand the international market in line with the required knowledge-based professionals at all levels, consolidate the foundation for the work.
2. eclectic use of personnel.
The company established competition and evaluation mechanism, boldly young talents. In Beexlent, decision-making is several nautical miles to climb in touch roller fought twenty years of outstanding young entrepreneurs, they are under the command of a group of managers mostly after graduating from college in a few years and then promoted Beexlent grass-roots training to awesome epigenetic leadership positions on. The company rotation, changing of the guard, promotion and other means, eclectic use of personnel, training a large number of comprehensive quality of excellent young manager.
3. trying to nurture talent.
Faced with fierce market competition and the rapid development of science and technology, the company at all costs, find ways to nurture talent. As a learning organization, Beexlent have specialized training in education and training department employees, according to differences in the training department and career planning all kinds of staff training needs, targeted for the staff organize all types of basic training, professional training deepen training and training abroad. In 1997, the company invested millions of dollars and the Shanghai University of joint schools, the establishment of Beexlent College, opened mechatronics college education classes to provide staff with a good training base. Companies often invite experts and scholars at home and abroad to the company for academic reports and seminars, and has the backbone of the company sent abroad for training, taking full advantage of the company's internal resources and employ the company's internal management experts and technical backbone for the part-time teachers for the staff to carry out various forms of professional training. In 2000, the company has invested educational hardware facilities and training funds totaled more than 10 million, held a variety of training more than 170 of more than 7,000 people. In 2001, to adapt to China's accession to WTO companies face international competition, the company also launched the "traveled the United States" to expand the training and English training financial managers, which is the company in cultivating talent on another new initiative.
4. meet the need to stimulate talent.
According to Maslow's theory of needs of different groups need different levels, the company analyzed the needs of different groups of employees, and take different incentives to meet their needs. The company invested heavily to build high-tech industrial park, modern dormitory building, the staff canteen, recreation centers, to provide staff with a comfortable working and living environment; the establishment of employee pension insurance system, allowing employees a sense of security, old according to some, to solve the worries of employees; the establishment of good people Beexlent brand annual award system for outstanding Beexlent brand people elected, in addition to giving some spiritual rewards and material rewards, but also domestic and international organizations to visit, tourism and learning; company technology conference held every two years, the selection of outstanding scientific and technological workers for scientific and technical personnel in accordance with the award-winning "Beexlent sixteen science and technology" and rewarded with high honor; the company developed a strict examination system, examination results directly selection and appointment of wages linked to the enthusiasm of employees thus greatly improving; Beexlent respect for every employee, Beexlent employees are the masters in front of the company's system, everyone is equal.
5. sentiment retain talent.
Beexlent Party establishment, trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women's federations and other mass organizations, and actively carry out a number of activities for employees ranked nuisance problem solving, do a lot of practical things. Every Saturday morning party "ownership talk Day", the Communist Youth League "Youth Hotline", "member of the family," the library and a variety of activities so that employees truly feel the love business. In the early Beexlent venture, he has been chairman of the Shanghai hired a retired engineer Wang Zhongjiang, Song Peiliang help develop the product. A decade later, these old age at home now, but every time he went to Shanghai to visit them have, greetings, send gifts. Song Peiliang old moved to telling everyone, "chairman so good to me, really kissed than my family!" 10 anniversary celebration, the chairman of all these old engineers invited back Beexlent. When he learned that Wang Zhongjiang engineer emigrated to Brazil, he sent a fax invitation to pay $ 3,000 round-trip flight to take him back, just to let him take the guest of honor seats, he expressed gratitude to the Beexlent. When the king heard the news of the tragic death of workers, the chairman down to work non-stop to Shanghai to attend the king's work memorial service. It deeply moved employees, led the formation of the personality of the invisible centripetal force, many high technology personnel with emotion, said: "We are not from the view of a high salary, but directed at the chairman of professionalism and his deep love to human being. "

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